Quran para 1

Quran summary | para 01 – Surah Baqarah summary

In this article I will let you know about summary of surah Baqarah which cover in the first para in Qur’an. We can say this article the start of series of Quran chapters summary.

Notice: There is no exact verse or hadith in this article about the Qur’an and any of its forms. There are no acts or references to them. There is a general summary of the Qur’an that I have heard and Attempts to share with all of you. And tried to share with you so that in a short time they can understand what Allah Almighty wants to say to us in the Qur’an.

May Allah forgive us all our mistakes and shortcomings. (Ameeeeen)

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There are following things in this passage:

  • Human types
  • The miracle of the Qur’an
  • The story of the creation of Adam (peace be upon him)
  • The condition of the children of Israel
  • The story of Hazrat Ibrahim (as)

Three types of human beings:

  • There are three types of human beings:
    • believers,
    • hypocrites
    • infidels.

The five attributes of believers in surah Baqarah

  • The five attributes of believers are mentioned.
    • Faith in the unseen
    • Staying in prayer
    • Spending
    • Faith in books
    • Belief in the hereafter

Characteristics of hypocrites in surah Baqarah

  • There are many characteristics of hypocrites mentioned:
    • lying,
    • deception,
    • unconsciousness,
    • heart disease,
    • hypocrisy,
    • mockery of divine commandments,
    • sedition and mischief,
    • ignorance,
    • misguidance,
    • hesitation.

  • He said about the disbelievers that their hearts and ears are sealed and their eyes are covered.

  • The miracle of the Qur’an:

The greatness of the Qur’an is mentioned in Surah Baqarah

  • In the surahs in which the greatness of the Qur’an is mentioned, at the beginning there are syllables to indicate that these words form your word as well as the word of Allah, but you are unable to make a word like the word of Allah.

The story of Prophet Adam (peace be upon him):

  • Allah’s making Adam (as) the caliph, angels calling man corrupt, Allah giving Adam (as) knowledge, angels confessing ignorance, angels making Adam (as) prostrate, denying Satan and then being rejected In Paradise, Adam and Eve were deceived by Satan and then man was given the Khalifa of the earth.

The condition of the children of Israel in surah Baqarah:

  • Their disbelief is a blessing and Allah’s curse is upon them.

The story of Prophet Ibrahim (as):

  • Prophet Ibrahim (as) together with his son to build the Ka ‘bah and then to accept it from Allah Almighty and then to repent and seek forgiveness.

For those who obey the commands of Allah

For those who obey the commands of Allah, there is good news for tomorrow

* Anyone who violates the agreements will die

It is Allah Almighty Who gives life and then causes death

Allah Almighty said that there will be two paths in the earth one is of obedience to Allah Almighty

And other is Disobedience to Allah Almighty

* Man’s wandering begins with Satan’s seduction

* The first thing taught in heaven is repentance

* Man was purified and sent down to earth

* Who will follow the guidance of Allah

There will be no fear and no sorrow for him

Allah accepted repentance and forgave but maintained the rule of expulsion from heaven.

What Allah has demanded from the children of Israel has been done to us also

Believe in my books, in my revelation

That is, acquire knowledge, act and convey its message

▪️ Believing means conveying the message of Allah to others

* The words of a person who is inactive become hollow

Ask for help with patience and prayer

* There is a question for all human beings today

 Will you prefer the love of man or the love of Allah?

* Corruption in the land spreads with impatience and ungratefulness

* The Jews were degraded in terms of morals and character

Four reasons for the destruction of Israel:

Four reasons for the destruction of Israel:

1) Killed the Prophets unjustly

2) Disobedience to Allah

3) Acts of abuse

4) Disbelieved with the revelations of Allah

✨ In the Qur’an, Allah commands you to hold fast to it

Only the grace and mercy of Allah saves

Allah is not at all unaware of what we do

When one rebels against Allah, hardness comes to his heart

The faith of the human heart makes him tremble

Allah knows best what we reveal or what we hide

Woe to those who write a book with their own hands and then say that it is from Allah

Revenge of evil is evil

The reward of goodness is a good reward

Allah is not unaware of what you do

The curse of Allah is on those who disbelieve

How can the killers of the prophets be on the right ??

Allah sent the book to convey knowledge, action and further

Love of life is human nature

Before the torment, Allah used to send Gabriel (peace be upon him).

​​The Jews followed magic in the time of Prophet Suleman

Magic is disbelief, I wish they knew.

Every believer should believe that: No magic can happen without the determination of Allah

The bounty of Allah is very great

Allah has full power over everything

There is no friend or helper besides Allah

Forget and forgive for the sake of Allah.

Allah knows every place because of His knowledge.

Allah choose Ibrahim (peace be upon him) in the world

The only Lord of this universe is Allah who believes in Him. He is a believer

✨Sabghata Allah ie adopt the color of Allah.

No caste can go beyond the community. In the sight of Allah, the best is the one who is more pious.