Energy Drinks

5 Best Healthy Energy Drinks You Should Add To Your Diet in 2022

In this article i will let you know about 5 Healthy Drinks You Should Add To Your Diet in Ramadan 2022.

All Muslims are very excited with the arrival of Ramadan. It is my own pleasure to break my fast with drinks in summer fasts, so take it. That’s why I am standing in front of you with some healthiest fruit juice so that you can read it and guess which fruit and its juice is best for you and which juice should be used at what time.Let me also tell you that there are five types of healthy fruit in Islam which are mentioned in Quran These are Dates, Grapes, Pomegranate, Banana, Fig, Olives. There is the old relation ship of water and health.

A guide to 5 healthy drinks during the month of ramadan is as follows

  1. Compound Drinks
  2. Natural Drinks (Coconut Juice )
  3. Milk Shake of Fresh fruits (healthy protein shakes)
  4. Healthy Fruit Juice (Orange Juice, Lemon Juice)
  5. Best Tea for Health (Green Tea, Pink tea)

Compound Drinks

Tamarind and Alo Bukhara juice

It is very cold juice to remain your body cool beacuse it is very tasty and healthy juice specially in summer and ramadan.

From boosting your immunity to maintaining your liver and coronary heart secure from diseases, tamarind do your physical fitness a better fit. Tamarind is wealthy in fibre and has no fats content. Studies endorse that ingesting tamarind every day may in reality assist in weight loss because it incorporates flavonoids and polyphenols.

Mint Margarita Juice ( healthy green juice )

  • Has many extra Nutrients.
  • Juice ought to Improve Brain Function
  • It lower Breastfeeding Pain.
  • It Help to Relieve Indigestion.
  • That healthful drink could be very clean to feature to Your Diet.

Carrot and Beetroot juice

Why beetroot juice is good for you?

  • Lowered blood
  • pressure
  • Stamina
  • Muscle power
  • Slowed dementia
  • Healthy weight
  • Cancer prevention
  • Potassium
  • Other minerals
  • Folate Liver support Reduced cholesterol

Natural Drinks (Coconut Juice )

Use low sugar coconut water for low calories.

When coconut water good for you?

  • Low in calories.
  • High in potassium.
  • Free of cholesterol and fat.
  • Prevent kidney stone
  • Healthier juice healthier skin.
  • best health drink for women

Milk Shake of Fresh fruits (healthy protein shakes)

In this section i will let you know about healthy protein shakes for weight loss with low calorie protein shake. They are good protein shakes and healthy protein shakes as well as easy protein shakes.

we can make mango milk shake. banana mimlk shake, apple milk shake, strawberry milk shake, almond and butter milk shake, date and almond milk shake and many more.

Some lean protein shakes are also available in market. but i recommend to prepare them at home so that we have homemade protein shakes.

Healthy Fruit Juice (Orange Juice, Lemon Juice, Pomegranate Juice…)

There are many healthy fruit juices in the world for us. 5 imortant and best healthy energy drinks are listed below

Orange Juice

Orange Juice considered as one of the greatest fruits in the world but also important in how ladies and in today’s lifestyle. It is also be beneficial for both health and beauty. It has Vitamin C a lot.You should drinks for healthy skin.

What are the 8 marked benefits of orange juice?

Orange juice protect us from

  1. Intestinal cancer
  2. Teeth problem and nails issues.
  3. Boost immune system
  4. Control colestrol level
  5. Control blood shuger level
  6. Remove kidney stones.
  7. Control High blood pressure
  8. Save from Skin damage
Orange Juice

When orange juice good for you?

Orange has become part of the breakfast to start a healthy life. It is very easy healthy breakfast in my sense.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is also very good for our health. It helps in body fitness.Its the best breakfast for weight loss.It is one of the healty is a citric fruit so it also have vitamin C in it.

What are the 5 marked benefits of lemon juice?

Orange juice protect us from

  • Protect fron kidney
  • Normal our Hydration status
  • Boost imunity system
  • Relief us from cold, caugh and fever etc
  • Control cancers

Cranberry Juice

Especially It is found in North America and also found in Europe countries. We can get from big stores in season.

It has fiber, protein, vitamin b ,c and E , potasium, calcium, sodium, zinc nearly have all essentials vitamin and nutients . it has many more benefits but also have some disadvantages.

When cranberry juice good for you?

6 Advantages of cranberry juice

  1. Open closed holes of our heart
  2. Make blood
  3. Clean the smelly yellow urine
  4. protect from cancer
  5. Clean kidney or bladder
  6. Make the skin free from blemishes and wrinkles

Disadvantages of Cranbery juice

Dry cranberry : 10gm – 50 gm

Fresh cranberry : 100 gm sy 150 gm

cranberry juice : 250ml or one glass in one day .

Uplisting quantity we should use for getting more advantages of Cranbery juice

It has more fiber so access of fruit uses can damage kidney, It can cause toxic effects in the body. hence opprosite to advantages all.

Best Tea for Gut Health (Green Tea, Pink tea)

I will let you know about healthy teas to drink.

Why green tea good for you?

Green tea is the healthiest tea in the world beacuse it is the best tea for health.

The green tea good for diabetes

This healthy tea good for weight loss

Pink tea is also healthiest tea to drink.