Prophet Musa (AS)

Prophet Musa (AS)

Musa (AS) was born into a family of Israelites living in Egypt.

The Prophet once stood up to speak. One of the people asked, who is the more knowledgeable person in us? 

Mussa (AS) said: I have more knowledge than you all..!

ALLAH did not like his answer, ALLAH wanted to teach him a lesson .

Prophet Musa (AS)’s Journey  :

ALLAH send on a journey and said

“Carry on your journey until you reached where two rivers meet ,there you will met a person who has more knowledge than you.”

Prophet Musa (AS) asked, how i will found him? 

ALLAH said, you have to take a fish and put it into a fish pot .

Start your journey with it where two rivers meet and the place where the fish went out from the pot. Go into the river that is the place where you found my person who has more knowledge than you.

A Fish and Prophet :

Prophet Musa (AS) take the fish and servent and start their journey.

when they reach on the spot they become so tired. They stop and take a rest, meanwhile they forget the fish. They forget that ALLAH have given them an order.

The fish went into the river they didn’t notice it and start again their journey all day long .

Prophet Musa (AS) and his servant

On the  Next day Prophet said to his servent, we where traveling for a long time and now were felling tierd, now we have to eat some food.

His servant replied, the place where we stop for rest, the fish went out from the pot and go into the river .

Musa (AS) fall into thaught, we had to go in that place where the fish went into the river .

Prophet think more for a while………..

Back to the journey           

     Musa(AS) and his servant decided to go back to that place.They started their journey again.When  they reached their they saw a man who wears a shovel and his name was khizar (AS) 

Meeting with khizar (AS)

Musa (AS) say salam to him and said; Iam musa (AS). he said;”Are you the musa of bni israel”? Musa (AS) replied; Yes I am the Musa of Bni israel.

He requested to khizar (AS) to teach him what he learned by Allah. Khizar (AS) said; you will not do patience with me, Because you don’t know, what I know and i don’t know what you know, how did you do i will never oppose you.

The rule of khizar (AS)

Khizar (AS) said; ok. On the way Khizar (AS) teach a rule that “when you go with me you will not asked any question ,and remain quite even i told you about that.

Hole in the boat

     He take Musa (AS) with him , soon they reached the river they saw a boat in river.

Khizar (AS) asked them to travel with them. They allow them .

See in next episode soon inshALLAH….