5 popular outdoor games in Pakistan

What are outdoor games?

Outdoor games are the games which we can play outside of our home. We have to go outside and play on open area in large space with the team.in this article 5 popular outdoor games in Pakistan i will elaborate relevent to Pakistan.

What are the advantages of outdoor games?

Playing outdoor games has many benefits. Normally these games are play with team or in group. It keeps us most physically fit like

  • Vitamin D is very good for us if we play outdoor games in daylight as Vitamin D is obtained from sunlight.
  • Playing in the natural environment strengthens our immune system
  • When we play outdoor games, we feel like being in a team and bonding with our team
  • Playing outdoor games increases blood circulation and keeps you awake afterwards and also stimulates your brain.
  • The player stays mentally fresh.

What are the 5 popular outdoor games in Pakistan?

List of 5 outdoor games

  1. Outdoor games cricket

2. Outdoor hockey game 2022

  1. Outdoor games basketball
  2. Football game
  3. Badminton game

Do you play outdoor games?