Prophet Nuh A.S

Prophet Nuh A.S

Prophet Nuh A.S was the prophet of ALLAH recognized as messenger of ALLAH. He (Prophet Nuh A.S) is one of the Ulu’l azm prophets. He was died 350 years after the flood, at the age of 950.

In this blog I will tell you how Prophet Nuh (peace be upon him) started his preaching.

What happened to the people before Prophet Nuh A.S?

Who is the prophet before Prophet Nuh A.S?

After Prophet Adam

Allah Almighty blessed the descendants of Adam (peace be upon him). There were many men and women. The descendants of Adam spread and multiplied greatly. If Prophet Adam (PBUH) came back today and saw his children, they would not be able to recognize him. If it is said to them, O Adam, this is your offspring, they will be greatly astonished and say: Subhan Allah! Is this all my children? The children of Adam had many settlements and they built many houses for themselves. They plowed the land, farmed, and made a living. People were following the religion of Adam (peace be upon him). They worshiped Allah and did not associate anyone with Him. The people were only one nation. Their father was Adam and their Lord was Allah.

Satan’s jealousy

But how could Iblis and his plant be happy with that? Will people continue to worship Allah? Will people remain one nation? Won’t they be separated? It can’t be! It can’t be! Will the descendants of Adam enter Paradise and the descendants of Iblis enter Hell? It can’t be! It can’t be! Iblis did not prostrate to Adam, so Allah rejected him and declared him accursed. Will he not avenge himself on the children of Adam? So that they too may enter hell with him. It will happen anyway. It will happen anyway.

Satan’s thinking

Satan thought to invite people to worship idols so that they would enter hell and never enter heaven. Iblees knew that Allah will not forgive polytheism and will forgive everything when He wills. Satan intended to invite them to polytheism so that they would never enter Paradise. But how? People then worship Allah.
If he goes to the people and tells them to worship idols. Do not worship Allah, then people will curse him and beat him.
People will say: Allah’s refuge, shall we share with our Lord?
Should we worship idols?
Undoubtedly a devil is rejected. So the devil is rejected.

Satan’s trick

Satan found a door through which he could enter people’s heads. Some people feared Allah and worshiped Him day and night and mentioned Allah a lot. They loved Allah and Allah loved them and accepted their prayers. People loved and respected these people.
The devil was well aware of this situation.
These people of Allah died and moved towards the mercy of Allah.
Satan went to the people and mentioned them and said, “How could there be such and such a person among you?”
He said Subhan Allah! There were servants of Allah and His saints. When they pray, Allah accepts their prayers. He would give it to them when they asked for it.

Pictures of good people

Satan said, “How is your grief for them?”
He said that it is very severe. We are very sad.
He said, “What is the matter with you?”
He said too much!
Satan said, “Do you not give them every day?”
People said how could this be? They are dead.

Iblis said, “Make pictures of them. Look at these pictures every morning.”
When people liked this opinion of Iblis, they made pictures of good people. They used to see these pictures every day. Whenever they saw them, they would remember good people.

From pictures to statues

They moved from pictures to statues. People made many statues of good people and placed them in their houses and mosques. They worshiped Allah and did not associate anything with Him. People knew that they were statues of the righteous. They are only stones that can neither benefit nor provide for them, but they knew them to be blessed and they used to worship them because they were statues of righteous people. Whenever a good man among them died, they would make a statue of him and give him the same name as that man.

From statues to idols

These people passed away and their children saw their ancestors and they considered these statues to be blessed.
And they saw their fathers, and they had great respect for them.
The children used to see them kissing the statues and touching them with love. Pray to them.
He used to see them bowing and bowing to him.
The children took a step forward from the ancestors and they started prostrating to them. They started begging and slaughtering animals for them. Thus these idols became gods.
People started worshiping him as they used to worship Allah.
It became too much in the gods. This is Wad and this is Nasr. He is Sawa and this is Yaghuth.

God’s wrath

Allah Almighty became very angry with the people and cursed them.
Why didn’t Allah Almighty get angry with the people and send curse on them.
Is that why he created them? Is that why he provides for them?
They walk on Allah’s earth and disbelieve in Allah.
They eat the sustenance of Allah and associate partners with Allah.
This is indeed a great injustice. This is indeed a great injustice.
Allah Almighty became angry with the people and stopped the rain and made the situation worse for them. Farming will be reduced. Production is reduced but people do not understand and people do not repent.

The Prophet Nuh A.S

Allah Almighty wanted to send one of them as a Messenger to them so that he could talk to them and advise them.
He (Allah) does not speak to one another. Allah does not tell everyone to do this, you do that. Kings do not talk to one another. The king does not go to everyone to tell him to do this.
The king is a human being just like human beings. Everyone has the power to see them and to listen to them, and no one has the power to see Allah, to listen to him and to speak to him, and no one has power except to whom Allah wills Whenever.
Allah intended to send a Messenger to the people to speak to them and to advise them.

Prophet Nuh A.S (Man or angel)

Allah wanted the Messenger to be a human being and to be one of the people so that people would recognize him and understand his words.
If the messenger is an angel, people will say, “What do we have to do with it?”
He is an angel and we are human. We eat and drink, We have family and we have children. We
How to worship Allah?
When the apostle is a human being he will say I eat my family and children. I worship Allah so why don’t you worship Allah
If the messenger is an angel then people will say you do not feel thirsty nor hungry. So he does not get sick and death does not come, so he worships Allah and always remembers Him. We are human. Feeling thirsty and even hungry, we get sick. And even if we die, how can we worship Allah? And how to always mention it?
When the apostle is a human being he will say I am like you. I feel thirsty and hungry too also I am sick and I will die. Prophet ( I ) worship Allah and remember Him, so why do you not worship Allah and remember Him?

Prophet Nuh A.S messenger of Islam

God intended to send Noah as a messenger to his people. There were many capitalists and rich people in the nation but Allah Almighty chose Noah for his message and did not like any of them.
Allah knows who can carry the burden of His messaging. And Allah knows who can repay his trust.
Noah (peace be upon him) was a good, noble, wise and ruined man.
He was a benevolent and kind man. Noah was a true and honest man. Allah Almighty chose Noah for his message. And revealed to him that you should warn your people before there comes to them a painful chastisement.
Noah stood in his people and said to the people! I am an honest prophet to you.
What did the nation answer him?
When Noah stood in his people and said to the people! I am an honest prophet to you
A few stood up and said! When did he become a prophet? Yesterday he was an ordinary person among us. Today he says that I have been sent to you as the Messenger of Allah!
Noah’s friends said he used to play with us in childhood. He used to sit with us every day

Between Prophet Nuh A.S and the people

People thought that worshiping idols was right and worshiping idols was wisdom. People thought that one who does not worship idols is in error and foolishness. They used to say that our ancestors worshiped idols. Why don’t we worship them. Noah’s view was that idolatry was a sin. And idolatry is foolishness. Noah’s opinion was that the ancestors were in error and perdition.
Ancestors and Adam did not worship the idols of God, but they worshiped God.
The nation is in error and folly while it worships stones. They do not worship Allah, Who created them.
Noah stood in the slave nation. And began to say aloud! O my people, worship Allah, you have no god other than Him. I fear for you the punishment of the great day.
The chiefs of his people said: We see you in manifest error.
He said: O my people! I am not in error, but I am a messenger from the Lord of the worlds.