under-water pako

A Fish pot

Today I am telling a story about the journey of a fish from a river to a fish pot.

 Once a fish lived in a river with her family and friends. Her name was Pako. she very beautiful and was very dear to her parents. She plays with her friends all day long.

Parents advice:

Her parents always advise her to come back home at time and not to go far from home. 

Childhood of Pako:

Pako was a kid who didn’t listen to her parents. She always does what she wants .

She didn’t know about the dangers of life. 

Pako play near home: 

Pako plays near her home with her friends but sometimes she goes far from home. Her parents strictly forbidden not to go far from home but she never took interest in her parents advice.

Pako’s game:

One day pako thought a new game.The name of that game was hide-n-seek .This game was known as Pako’s game in her friends. When pako playing this game she hide soo far from home 

Pako in trobble:

her friends couldn’t find her she hide there for a long time. She came out and see that there was no friend and she forget the way home.she was in big trobble  she was afraid, she also feel some hunger .

A fish trap:

Suddenly she saw a piece of food. Pako didn’t think anything and eat it. As soon as she eat it she realize that it was a fish trap .


This was the trap of a fisherman. When fisherman put out his trap he saw a beautiful fish. He put Pako into a fish pot and went to home.