Para 09

Quran summary | para 09 – Surah A’araaf and Aurah Anfaal summary

In this article I will let you know about summary of surah A’araaf (half )and surah Anfal which cover in the ninth para in Qur’an. We can say this article the series of Quran chapters summary.

Notice: There is no exact verse or hadith in this article about the Qur’an and any of its forms. There are no acts or references to them. There is a general summary of the Qur’an that I have heard and Attempts to share with all of you. And tried to share with you so that in a short time they can understand what Allah Almighty wants to say to us in the Qur’an.

May Allah forgive us all our mistakes and shortcomings. (Ameeeeen)

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  • Truth teller caravan
  • Divine law of reward

Prophet Musa (peace be upon him)

  • Pharaoh’s confrontation against Prophet Musa (peace be upon him)
  • The decision and effects of the parliament of disbelief
  • When thrones are overthrown
  • Unique meeting, and the journey from high to low.
  • The decision of the Almighty, the last Prophet (peace be upon him) and the condition of the people of Musa A.S.

The advice of Shoaib (peace be upon him)

  • Reducing the weight, not taking any effect of the advice of Shoaib (peace be upon him) as a result of the earthquake.
  • Before the great torment, the test is taken through hardship and prosperity so that humility may be exercised before the Almighty.
  • The state of peace is a test. Forgetting the Almighty while in peace is Istidraj. Whose grip is tight.
  • The miracles of Moses, ie, the turning of the staff into a dragon and the shining white of the hand were given as evidence of the truth.
  • Pharaoh’s magicians recognized the truth and immediately accepted it and stuck to it.
  • Al-Pharaoh’s trials such as famine, lack of fruits, storms, locusts, lice, frogs and sending blood. Promise to believe every time to avert the torment, but break it again as soon as the torment is averted.
  • The psychology of idolatry is that people start worshiping idols after being impressed by the adornment around them. Sounds difficult.
  • Denying the truth and despising people is called arrogance. A person who is as arrogant as a mustard seed will not be able to go to heaven.
  • Arrogant and stealing from asking questions. He can never be a scholar
    • Arrogant is selfish.
    • The eyes of their heart are lightless.
  • Extensive mercy of Allah is for the pious, those who pay Zakat and those who believe in the verses.
  • The secret of success is in recognizing the position of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), supporting him and following the Book revealed to him.
  • Whatever the circumstances, do not leave the Book of Allah. Because salvation is in Him.
  • People are in deficit except the pious …
  • Jews will be humiliated until the Day of Judgment.

All souls were confessed to be the Lord of the Almighty

  • All souls were confessed to be the Lord of the Almighty so that they would not say that we had no knowledge.
  • Leaving religion after gaining knowledge of religion and clinging to the world is like greed like a dog.
  • The majority of those who do not understand and do not accept the truth with heart, ear and eye will be in Hell.
  • The best names belong to Allah, so pray with His names
  • The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) did not know the unseen. Had he known, no harm would have come to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and he would have made timely predictions.
  • Guidance and misguidance are in the hands of Allah Almighty.
  • Do not call on anyone except the Almighty, for all others are servants of the Almighty and have no power.
  • Ordering goodness with forgiveness and avoiding ignorance should be avoided.

If the Qur’an is being recited

  • If the Qur’an is being recited, then keeping quiet and listening carefully is one of the etiquettes of the Qur’an.
  1. The doors of wisdom open
  2. The heart is satisfied
  3. There is a change in thinking and action
  4. Man develops the power to step
  5. Becomes the master of strong intentions
  6. And may Allah have mercy …

Distribution of booty

Improving relationships is better than wealth

Improving relationships is better than wealth all over the world, so avoid fighting for wealth.
Wealth and children are a test.

  • Believers are those whose hearts are moved by the remembrance of God and their faith increases. Establish prayers, spend in the way of Allah.
  • The benefit of being pious is that the heart will be balanced and sins will be forgiven.
  • Almighty Allah is the true friend. Naam Al-Mawla and Naam Al-Naseer.

Delivering the messages of the Lord with kindness

  1. Delivering the messages of the Lord with kindness, adopting piety of the Almighty.
  2. Learning from the conditions of previous nations, sticking to Islam till death.
  3. ? Getting advice, holding on to ﷲ ‘s word firmly.
  4. است ﷲ Asking forgiveness, following revelation.
  5. Guiding with the truth, giving warnings and giving good news.

Today I have to make a vow

Today I have to make a vow that I will never allow myself to become a deserted house away from the Qur’an.
In your gait you have to be humble, you have to be humble in your face and you have to be humble in your heart.

To do list

  • From ablution … To fall into sin
  • In prayer … Say Takbir
  • Identification of false hypocrites
  • Spending for the sake of Allah
  • Quran Hakim is to learn and teach
  • Giving charity