DNS on GoDaddy

How to create TXT Record or Unique idetifier (Unique ID) and add TXT Record to DNS on Godaddy

In this article i will let you know that how to create a TXT Record called “unique ID” and how we can add it to DNS Record using godaddy server.

First of all you need to copy unique idetifier (unique ID) specified by Godaddy server when you apply for SSL certificate.

Let me show you pictorial view to reachout to unique idetifier (unique ID) .

How to create a TXT Record or unique idetifier (unique ID)?


  • Login on Godaddy and click on ::: icon.
  • Click on “SSL Certificates”.


You will see that window.

Click on desired domain name ( in our snerio its “nighathashmi.com” ) to view unique idetifier.


  • Here you will see desired unique identifier (unique ID) specified by godaddy SSL certificate services.
  • Copy that unique ID.


  • After copy that unique ID , you have to add that unique ID in TXT record .
  • Let me show you the steps to go for TXT record.
  • First go to “My Products” from right top corner.
  • From “All Products and Services” Click on “DNS” in front of desired domain name ( in our snerio its “nighathashmi.com” )


  • You will see “DNS Management” window open of that domain.
  • Under “MY Records ” Scroll down the page and you will see ADD button.
  • Click on it and select TXT field as


  • After selecting TXT value add other values as follows where TXT Value = unique id which you have copy from the “Upper 3 no” window.

Click on Save button. Congartulations you have successfully added TXT record in your desired domain.